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Modeled after antique harbor tugs popular in the 1900's. the launches and tourboats on this page use a common hull.  The longer boat (30') has a mid-body added, to provide the extra length.  These boats are trailerable and have a generous beam, just under eight feet, so no permits are required.  Generally the configuration of the boats are made of three fiberglass components:
The 22' bare hull $12,995.
The bare deck $7,995.
The canopy $4,500. 
The 30'  bare hull Tourboat 30 $19,995. These boats can be powered with steam, electric, or diesel. 
Completed Mase 22 models are priced from $67,950steam, $65,950,electric and $66,950, diesel,  respectively. 
Generally perimeter seating is used,  which in the Totem 22, a portion of which may be enclosed by the forward cabin.

The steam version of the Mase 22, Totem 22, and Tourboat 30 uses a Beckmann, Limited vertical fire tube steam boiler Model VFT-40 or the ASME Code  Model VFT-C40.  A compound steam engine such as the Scripps    3 & 5.5 X 4 works well, which is an in-line engine compound.  There are a number of other engines which may be selected at the owner's preference.  The central area of the boat is devoted to the machinery.  The helm may be direct lever or wheel control.   Engine controls are located next to the helm for convenience.  In the diesel model the engine is placed a bit aft   and is enclosed in a sound deadening enclosure.  In the electric model the motor is located beneath the cockpit floor and the batteries are beneath the seats or under the fore and after decks.

Optional Enhancements for the
Mase 22 and Totem 22 boats are listed on previous page

Launch and Tourboat B


The Totem 22 incorporate all of the features of these models and has the additional feature of an enclosed cabin. In the steam model this cabin provides for a luxurious day boat with room and facilities for occasional weekend cruises.  Diesel model is much the same but has the advantage of convenient fuel handling and storage..  The electric model makes an ideal weekender and provides lots of living space.  All models may be equipped with a complete galley, enclosed head, icebox and plenty of fresh water.  The Totem 22 models powered by steam, electric or diesel are priced from $77950. Bare fiberglass components can be had and are priced as for the Mase 22.  All of the hulls on this page are excellent sea boats.

Launch and Tourboat B

All three of the boats shown on this page may be USCG Certified to Sub Chapter "T" to carry from ten to twenty passengers for hire.  There is an additional charge for this inspection and certification. ASME Code boilers are used for passenger carrying vessels.  All of these boats are made to handle extremely well in tight quarters.  These boats are ballasted to bring them to their lines and therefore are unusually stable for a small boat.  The rudder is large and counterbalanced so that the boat handles well ahead or astern.  The basic Tourboat 30 is priced from $129,950. with steam; $128,950. with electric; and $125,950. with diesel.  These boats may be dressed up with inlaid mahogany or oak decks and plenty of polished brass to display an ambience rarely found.  Each Tourboat 30 is custom designed with your requirements in mind. Please call to discuss your plans. 401 294 1030

below:  A Tourboat 30 undergoing USCG sea trial