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Technical Archive Page Two

ASME Code "S" Stamped Steam Boilers are now available from Beckmann, Limited.  Five models ranging in size from 20 to 120 square feet of heating surface are the VFT-C20, VFT-C30, VFT-C40, and the VFT-C55 vertical fire tube boilers and the HWT-C120 horizontal water tube boiler.  These boiler may be fired with wood, coal, oil, or propane.  This is the first time that so large a selection of Code boilers has been offered.

VFT-C30 Wood fired

VFT-C55 Oil fired

These boiler cover the entire range required for today's Launches and Tugboats.  All of these boilers meet the Provisions of the ASME Code Rules, Section 1, and are certified by the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company.  These boilers answer all of the problems hobby steamers have had with so-called Code boilers: lack of steaming capabilities, poor workmanship and welding, steam pressure leaks, and missed deliveries and promises


All of these boilers are low in height and have a small footprint so they are able to aid boat stability and leave plenty of room around them so as not to cramp your cockpit.  Large cast irons door and the adjustable ashpit door permit easy fire building and maintenance and precise fire control

VFT-C40 Wood fired


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