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Interesting Boats:  Compromise 25 Steam Launch

Compromise Twenty Five
Sea Trials May 20, 2003

Ted Whittlesey's brand new Compromise 25 gets up steam prior to her Sea Trails.  She is easily launched from her boat trailer into Beach Pond, CT on a beautiful New England Spring morning.  A stiff breeze gets her flags flying for the photo session.  The yacht will be picked up by her owner next week for her trip to Michigan where she will spend the Summer cruising on Torch Lake,  Bellaire, MI.

This is the third Compromise 25 that we have built, rather behind her sister-design the Compromise 21 which now boasts 33 completed launches.  The Compromise series continue to be the most popular steam launch hull around today.  This is due to their inherent stability, provided by the beam and broad after section.  In addition to providing stability, these factors combine with the long waterline length to make for hulls that are very easily moved through the water, requiring less than two horsepower to attain hull speed.  In addition to the very welcome technical features of the Compromises, they are beautiful to behold and offer the finest in boat building quality.