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Interesting Boats Truscott 30 "Lady Gayle"

Above:  Gayle and Clarence Myers bought the new Truscott 30 fiberglass hull with the intention of completing it themselves.  The Meyers' had previously own a hobby shop and seemed well able to undertake the task.  Clarence was particularly interested in the historic aspects of the Truscott design and therefore used much of the fine brass hardware that we had obtained with the "Strathmore", the original Truscott 30 that we used as the initial plug for the mold.  The hull is here on its transport trailer at our Boatshop after having been laid up. 
At Left:  One of the terminations of the deck railing.  These add greatly to the ambience of the boat and demonstrate the age and tradition of the Truscott.

At Right:

Taken at a difficult angle in our boatshop the Truscott 30 shows off her beautiful lines.  The full deck railings are clearly seem.  The Myers have done an excellent job of fabricating their boat and reproducing the original, as it was built around the turn of the century.

At Left:  One can see the detail of piping and gadgets that have been included in the steam power plant.  It gives the boat an appearance of complexity that is seldom seen. 

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Truscott 30

At RightThe gage board to end all gage boards.  It is a fine compliment to the steam plant and allows the operator to keep abreast of all of the physical parameters.  Clarence is able to know exactly what is going on.  The Myers hail from Perrysburg, Ohio. They steam locally as well as attend many meets around the country.