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Interesting Boats Mase 22 Steam Launch "Robert R"

Sea Trials of another Mase 22 Steam Launch.

At Left:  Her first touch of water this Mase 22 enters Beach Pond in eastern Connecticut.  Above:  She is powered by a VFT-C55 Code boiler and a Swan 354 with piston valves and Stephenson valve gear.  Her trim wood is hand sanded and varnished ash.  The small cabin aft is an enclosed head.

At Left:  With her fire up and making steam Lloyd gets ready to toss the last line aboard to begin her first voyage.  This is the sixteenth Mase 22 launch that we have built.  All have been steam powered.  Four have been lengthened to make Bridget 30 steam launches.

At Right:  The whistle is blown, one of the most important tests of a new boat.  Note how easily the hull slides through the water.  She turns within two boat-lengths making her unusually maneuverable, a real plus!  The Mase 22 is an easy boat for single person operation.

At Left:  A good view of the Mase 22 broad beam which provides her excellent stability and load-carrying ability.  A dozen passengers can be accommodated without loading her down.  Her wetted surface is at a minimum so that she drives easily through the water. 
At Right:  On top of the canopy her brass covered insulated stack is framed by the safety valve discharge and her four chime steam whistle.

At Left:  The enclosed head is located just aft of the boiler and is accessed on the Port side by a door.  On-board heads are really appreciated by the ladies.
At Right:  Lloyd poses after another successful sea trial.  The solid brass hardware includes cleats, chocks, and the canopy supports.