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Issue Number One Hundred Nineteen

Compromise 21 For Sale, Very complete, with trailer

Hull No.WKL06470H393
Dark Green Hull,
Wood deck c/w bronze toe rails
Hobby HWT S48 Oil Fired Boiler Semple 3&5x4 Compound Engine  Electrics, incl. VHF., Nav. Lights, Bilge Pump
Solar Panels Two deep cycle bats  Curtains (green Sumbrella) with new plastic windows
Cushions (green)
Many Spare Parts
Seabird galvanized trailer in good shape with new lights.
The boat is now in excellent working order and a lot of refinishing of the deck and canopy was completed over the past 4 years. The deck will of course need its annual coat of varnish before launching in  May/early June.  Asking $21,500.SOLD!!!

Ready to go, make Offer.

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