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Electric Drive Systems

Electric Boat Drive Systems are available for almost any type of boat, and are capable of driving that boat at hull speeds comparable with speeds produced by internal combustion engines.  The big advantage of electric drives are simplicity, ease of operation, and quietness of operation.  Cruising range using electric drives are solely a function of the stored battery power and the rate (speed) of discharge.  Electric boats are generally designed and built so as to move through the water easily.  When an electric drive is to be used to move a large sailboat, for example, a compromise must be made with regard to speed and duration.  Moving such a boat to clear the harbor or to return to the dock from the mouth of the harbor is an ideal application of electric power.  The retrofit of an electric drive systems is very practical; it is simple to replace a noisy, smelly, and difficult to start auxiliary engine.  The number of batteries required generally fit into the existing engine space and the total weight of the electric motor, controls and batteries are generally less than the weight of the engine and fuel of the internal combustion system.

Perhaps, the most compact, practical and efficient way to power your vessel with Electric Power.
 System measures 8"w x 8"h x22"OAL.
 Fits in the tightest of spaces!!

On the Console:

Volt Meter                          Throttle
Amp Meter         Battery Fuel Gage
Key On/Off

Electric Drive Systems are very simple.  They consists of an electric storage battery, a speed (voltage) controller with throttle, and a dc electric motor.  In order to have the boat's propeller turn at an efficient slow rotation, a reduction gear is an integral part of the motor.  To be able to reverse the direction of the propeller there is a switch in the throttle that controls a forward/reverse relay that alters the rotation of the motor.  To ascertain information about the operation of the motor, volt and ampere meters are provided; also a battery "fuel gage" with LED readout informs about the power available in the battery bank.  A keyed lock prevents unwanted use of the system.  The batteries are recharged by plugging the line cord into the dock receptacle.  The recharging is automatic and rapid so that overnight is more than adequate recharging time.  The recharging system automatically regulates the charging rate so that the batteries will not be over or under charged.  Completely sealed batteries can be used so that gas problems are minimized and spillage is  not a concern.

Installation:  Upper Right: shows the compact Electric Propulsion Unit (a compact motor and reduction gear) that is about 22" long and less than 8" high.  This unit is placed in direct line with the propeller shaft and is attached between the engine beds stringers.  System controls may be installed in a console as shown (Above Right), or integrated into the various features of the boat as (Below), where the meters are installed in the seat risers (to the left) while the throttle is placed at the right hand of the helmsman in the cover boards just above the name plaque, to the right of the wheel


Joystick  Control
now included!


Compact Electric Propulsion Unit has many advantages over Belts and Pulleys:
1. There are fewer moving parts in the Electric Propulsion Unit.
2. The Electric Propulsion Unit has the required thrust bearing and is sealed and lubricated.
3.  Unified construction eliminates line-up problems.
4.  No wet and soggy belts to break
5.  No danger of fingers getting into belts and pulleys.
6. No need to tighten belts, adjust tension, or realign   shafts.
7.  The compact Electric Propulsion Unit uses less valuable space than pulleys and belts.
8. Over one hundred speed reduction ratios are available, so that it is possible to exactly match your boat's needs.
Call Lloyd 401 294 1030 to discuss.

We can size our Electric Drive to suit your existing  prop size.

A complete Electric Boat Drive System operating on 24, 36, or 48 volt battery banks consists of:
Electric Propulsion Unit;
Series wound motor (0 to 10 HP) and reduction gear        
Voltage (speed) Controller    
Throttle/Reverse Switch with encapsulated relay        
Key On/Off with encapsulated relay                                  
Instruments:    0-50 DC volt meter                                    
                     0-200 amp meter (with 200 amp shunt)      
                     Battery LED Fuel Gauge                        
Battery charger (Automatic) 
Fuses, Wiring, Terminals and Circuit Diagram                   
COMPLETE KIT!! Just add batteries!                                                          

Call Lloyd to discuss your requirements!
401 294 1030

Complete Systems:
Total price 24 volt system   $4,595.00
Total price 36 volt system   $4,795.00
Total price 48 volt system   $4,995.00

At Left: Red battery switch, reverse relay, amp meter shunt, and voltage controller retrofit in a Chris Craft Runabout.