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DVD and Video Catalog

Our computer recently crashed. We are rebuilding DVD's from old VCR tapes. All DVD's currently not available except the "Steamboating 101" DVD(available)

"Launch and Tugboat Reproductions" 
A TWO HOUR VIDEO CATALOG of the steam, electric, diesel and antique gas boats, engines, boilers, and equipment offered by Beckmann Boatshop, Limited.  Video Catalog and Printed Color Catalog $25 incl.  free S&H

"Live Steam Today"  100 Minutes of Steam, guaranteed to be better than any ball game, talk show, or sitcom.  You'll enjoy spectacular scenes including farm, traction, stationary, saw mills, steam autos, winches, engines, boilers, whistles, tugboats, launches, the AFRICAN QUEEN, Class "J" locomotives, Mt. Washington Cog Railway, narrow gauge railways, and more.  An absolute MUST for all steam buffs.  $25 + free S&H.

"Antique and Classic Launches and Tugboats"  One hour video of all steamboats, taken mainly at the annual steamboat meets at Lees' Mills, Lake Winnepesaukee, New Hampshire.  A great way to catch up on the current steamboating hobby.  $25. + free S&H

"Steamboat Society of Great Britain: 21 St. Anniversary Thames Rally"  Classic British Steamboating, 42 minutes of over sixty period and classic steam launches, cruising and locking their ways down to Windsor Castle.  A reminder that the age of the steam launch in all its elegant glory is not forgotten and that these boats provide an outlet for individual expression which appeals to the public at large.  $25 + free S&H.

"Steamboatin' 101"-Operation"
An action packed display of steaming on Lake Saranac, New York.  Here, in living color is the step by step procedures one takes to start the fire, get the engine going, keep the boiler filled, cruise through the State Locks, and then dock at the cruise completion.  A BEST SELLER!!
                    25 Dollars + free S&H

Steamboatin' 101 Textbook  A 36 page booklet of reprints of the original articles by Walter C. Beckmann, which was featured in the publication of the International Steamboat Society.  An excellent book for newcomers as well as a reference for details often forgotten. 
$10 + free S&H

DVD's via Priority Mail