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Fantail Launch
Rose 20

Rose 20 Electric backing out of slip with a full boat

The Rose 20 Launch is available powered by electric, steam, antique gas, or diesel.  These launches are the most popular of all launches built during the past fifty years.  Their beautiful traditional lines and rising fantail are a reminder of the way boats once were.  Ideal as a day boat for the entire family, the Rose 20 will seat six and provide the comfort one expects. 
Bare Rose 20 hulls are priced at only $4,995. with bulkheads and stringers an added $2495.

Steam or Electric power are best suited to the Rose 20 hull.  A 3" X 4" steam engine with a wood burning boiler is a joy to be experienced.  Similarly, the electric version affords a boating experience that is probably unequalled due to the silence one  enjoys while gliding through the water. Because of the ease with which the Rose 20 moves through the water, a couple of shopping bags of wood or a modest 36 volt battery bank is all that is required for a day of fun on the water.  A completed steam version of the Rose 20 is priced from $34,950., with the electric version from $29,950.  Either version is easily trailered, requiring no special towing package on mid-sized or larger automobiles. This ease of towing contributes greatly to the enjoyment and flexibility of operation, allowing one to explore remote waterways.  The Rose 20 makes hull speed with just over one-half horsepower, providing the electric version with a range of   over 40 miles.

above: a prop launch for Disney Tokyo

Over 100 Rose 20 reproductions have been built, demonstrating the continuing interest in these fine hulls with plumb stems and a broad fantail.  Ideal for generally protected waters, the Rose 20 hulls are nevertheless good sea boats and are able to put up with the wakes of many thoughtless power boaters.



Bare Hull,  only $9995 with galvanized custom trailer!
A great way  to kickstart your project!
Hull #1 went to David Thompson, host of the Lee's Mill Meet!
25' oal
6' beam
24" draft
Solid fiberglass hull.
Lots of freeboard. A fine, stable hull for steam or electric power plant!
Beautiful hull.
Bare hull, only $8495
Complete, ready to go steaming, from $44950.
Complete, Electric, from $39950

Fantail Launch

Electric Propulsion

Electric propulsion is not widely used in this age of reckless speed, but it is become more popular as more people realize that seeing the world in which we live is an essential and important part of life.  Electric power is quiet, almost noiseless, and is the ultimate of simplicity.  A propeller with large diameter and pitch is turned slowly by a series wound DC motor which provides maximum efficiency.  The motor speed  is controlled by solid state circuitry which varies the voltage to the motor.  An easy twist of a single control knob or our new and very popular joystick, infinitely varies the speed from full ahead to full astern.  Batteries are stored beneath the seats and/or under the fore and aft decks.  Batteries may be completely sealed, requiring no maintenance and are free of charging gases.  Range at cruising speed may be from 30 to over 100 miles depending on the batteries selected.

"The Nicest Fantail Ever Built", Dick Mitchell.


The Truscott 30 deserves to be introduced by Dick's comment made well over three-quarters of a century ago.  The Truscott 30 is a well balanced boat, easily moved, yet   very stable, roomy, and dependable. It is authentic in all respects.  The Truscott 30 is easily moved by steam or electric, and could be diesel driven if desired.  A complete traditional launch, a sterling example of New England craftsmanship, gleaming with varnished mahogany, polished brass work, ASME Code boiler, and a museum quality steam engine is yours for the asking.  Several of these hulls have gone to do-it-your-selfers who have turned out enviable products. Recently, we finished a project building four of these fine launches in electric for The National Park Service. They are operating on the old C&O Canal in Maryland.
There are several layouts that can be fitted. Complete cabins as exhibited above and to the left or a partial/full canopy  with drop down curtains for the more adventurous. 
The basic bare hull of the Truscott 30 is priced at $17,495
A custom tandem axle trailer that would handle the completed boat  is priced at $8,750.
Completed boats, either steam, electric or diesel, start at $84,950. 
The Truscott 30 is the finest fantail launch being built today.
Call Lloyd for more details. 401 294 1030

All hulls available as kits! Any stage of completion!