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Drawings and Specifications

We provide detailed specifications and drawings to serious buyers. 
  Our web site is  a wealth of information and will provide you with complete details.  If you have selected, or require assistance in the selection, or suitability of any of our constructions or components, we will be pleased to provide you with photographs, drawings, and specifications to assist.  Frequently a telephone call or two permits us to ascertain your boating requirements and we are able to recommend a particular hull and outfitting specifications.

Information and Facts
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Boat Kits, Engine Kits, and Steam Boilers
Our launches and tugboats are available in Kit form or partially completed to the requirements of the owner.  This allows you to participate in the construction of your boat while leaving some of the more specialized tasks to us.  Steam engines are available as castings kits with detailed drawings for the skilled or amateur machinist. 
We can provide packages of components for specific systems such as steering, propulsion, engine, motors, boilers, and controls.  Contact us about your special project and let us determine how we may assist you.
Boiler kits or drawings are NOT available, as they are prohibited by Insurance.  We provide standard steam boilers both as vertical fire tube and horizontal water tube models.  Owners are responsible for the suitability and maintenance of their boilers.
For some applications ASME Code "S" stamped boilers are required.  We offer vertical fire tube boilers built in accordance with Section 1 of the ASME Code Rules, Section 1, having heating surfaces from 20 to 60sq. feet, certified by Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.
See note to right!

Please call 401 294 1030
with any questions you may have. We always enjoy talking boatstuff!
We recently have developed the ability to build ASME Code boilers of many designs. Including; steam farm equipment, replacement of old VFT boilers in almost any size and approved design. 
Please call 401 294 1030 with your boiler needs!

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About Our Boatshop:
We design and build classic boat reproductions of fiberglass reinforced resin with interiors and trim of the finest woods so that our finished product reflect the hand craftsmanship present in the original craft.  The designs of our fine classic antique boats are taken from original drawings, existing relics, and photographs guided by our lifelong experience with traditional craft.  Not only do we stock steam and electric components, but we are familiar with their design, engineering, and application to watercraft of all descriptions.  We have steam engines, boilers, propellers, accessories, and a wide selection of molds for traditional fiberglass hulls from 20 to 33 feet LOA.  We have electric motors, controls, batteries, and the designs for use in our hulls, your hull, or a retrofit.  We excell in understanding the use of all means of boat locomotion and how it applies to each particular hull and purpose.  Our experience of over half a century is available to assist you in obtaining an heirloom for you and your family.
                                            Lloyd W. Beckmann