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Steam Engines 10-12 HP Compounds


Left:  The Strath "SWAN 3" & 5" X 4"  "D" Slide or Piston Valves;  An inline compound, rated 8-10 HP.  Its crankshaft is held by sealed ball bearings with the center main and big end held by split bronze bushing with hard chrome journals.  Offered with Stephenson valve gear and either D slide or piston valves.  SWAN with D valves,   $13,850.  SWAN with piston valves   $15,450.                                             


Right:  The Scripps 3" & 5.5" X 4" will deliver the power while it loafs along.  All standard construction with solid crankshaft and sealed bearings throughout, this engine is built to last, and is made in the USA using standard threads and components.  An engine that has now come into its own, and shows aptitude of becoming the standard in the 354 size range.  An ideal steam engine to power a launch from 21 to 30 plus feet.  Robust, yet not bulky or overly heavy, 
The Scripps utilizes boilers such as the VFT-40, VFT-C40, or VFT C 55.  Several have been installed, from a Compromise 25 to a large 32' Turkish  launch.  Owners report more than satisfactory performance  Consider the Scripps compound when you re-power or are building your next boat.  12 HP.  Priced at only $11,995.

3" & 5 1/2" X 4"-12 HP
L: 16"+7";  W: 14";  H: 28"; 300#

"MYSTIC 354"

No Photo;  The MYSTIC 354 is a two cylinder compound steam engine in an in-line configuration.  The bore of its cylinders are 3" & 5" with a stroke of 4".  The engine develops 10 horsepower  Its uses Stephenson valve gear.  The cross heads are lubricated by drip oil feeders.  The high pressure portion of the engine is identical to a HUDSON 3" X 4" while the low pressure cylinder is meerly a slightly larger diameter being 5" X 4".  The engine is robust, well built, and easily maintained.  A feed water pump drive from a cross head.  It is priced at $9,275.

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